Cat Toilet training: 6 reasons why cat owners need it

Cat Toilet training: 6 reasons why cat owners need it

  1. No more dirty litter box

Let us face it, even the biggest cat lovers and cat owners hate dealing with dirty litter boxes. We love our cats but when we need to scoop out the poop and clean out the litter if it is washable and then replace it that is not a happy chore. If our cat is sick or has diarrhea and we have to clean the litter, nobody loves that. Nobody admits it because we think it is the same as not loving our cats, but it is perfectly normal people do not like dealing with actual poop. Toilet trained cat members of the family mean we do not have to keep and maintain litter boxes and scoop clumped up cat poop anymore.

  1. No more litter

No more litter box simply means we do not have to deal with litter anymore. Litter has this annoying habit of being everywhere and turning up in the most obscure of places. You see them in the edge of the sofa, corners of the bed, insides of the pillowcase, you step on a tracked litter anywhere in the house and you end up wondering if that is clean or not and you go and wash your feet and find a couple in your shoes. Litters are annoying… Imagine seeing a litter on a cupcake? You will end up paranoid and think how it got there in the first place, is it even clean or what are you going to do about the 11 other cupcakes in the dozen who did not have an errant litter on them but you are now too scared to eat it thinking that there could be one stuck there. Right? When your cat is already toilet trained, you would not even have to think about having a litter in the house. Just go and flush the toilet every once in a while.

  1. Savings

No more litter boxes and expensive litters mean tons of savings on your expenses for disinfectants and actual litter. Especially if you are using the automated self-cleaning litter boxes where every pop of those self-cleaning formula means additional notches on our credit cards. Have you seen or checked the cost of litter lately? Multiply that how many times you buy a sack per year and you can see that this thing’s cost pile up. Having no more litter boxes means no more litter and that can be a great cost effective way of saving money. You can use the money that you save to buy more food or toys for your cats, or better yet to build them their own toilet.

      4. Improvement of the smell

Let us face it, a house that has full of cats is a house that is going to smell more or less smell funky or familiar. That familiar hint of cat poop and cat pee will always be hanging in the air when this happens. Having toilet trained cats in the house reduces the possibility of bad smell and bad odor in the house. It is just like having toilet trained babies in the house, the joys – I can imagine – are more or less the same considering that it helps a lot in terms of hygiene and odor reduction. Even the best self-cleaning litter boxes are at the end of the day, litter boxes. Removing the whole litter and litter box from the equation, through the use of the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit simply means no more smell and better hygiene for everyone

  1. Hygiene

Cat poop can become a serious health threat to us humans because some cats unknowingly carry a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. These parasites shed what is called as oocysts, in their poop. These oocysts when transmitted to human beings, can cause various health issues and have been recently related to different mental health problems, including schizophrenia. In fact, recent studies suggest that some school-age children who have tested positive for the presence of T. Gondii have problems learning in school. These are just some of the health issues that could arise if we miss one step with our cat feces cleaning rituals. That is why it is much better to have a toilet-trained cat so would not have to expose yourself to health issues not just for ourselves but for our cat family also.

  1. Novelty and surprise

I can’t even begin to describe the surprise and amazement that guests and visitors in our see whenever they see cats peeing or pooping in the toilet. It becomes an instant novelty story and can be quite a pleasant surprise for our friends and family. Instagram and Facebook posts would usually follow a cat caught peeing and pooping in the toilet.

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