Should You Buy Your Cat Their Own Bed?

Should You Buy Your Cat Their Own Bed?

Cats Love Their Sleep

Don’t worry, it’s not overboard. A nice bed for your cat makes sense. Based on the amount of time they spend sleeping, sleep is one of the most important things in a cat’s life. On average, cat’s actually sleep for about two-thirds of their lifetime. This is about twice as much compared to us, so if we worry about finding the best mattresses for ourselves, why not spend some time considering the type of bed your cat should get?

A Cat Bed Helps with a Routine

One good reason to purchase a bed for your cat is to encourage them to mostly sleep in one place, which can prove beneficial for both of you. One of the big reasons why it’ll be helpful to you is all of that fur. If you’ve got a cat that’s a big shedder, you’re going to find piles of fur wherever your cat has decided to sleep. You might be sick of cleaning fur off the foot of your bed or your couch. A bed dedicated to the cat could be a great solution for keeping it contained to one spot. If your cat really loves the bed, then this is also good for them. It helps them always be able to find a comfortable spot instead of having to look through the house for where they want to sleep. Plus, if you decide to move it will be a good way for the cat to feel like there hasn’t been a huge change.

Cats Have a Mind of Their Own

One of the tricky parts about getting your cat a bed is actually convincing them to sleep in it. While they may be incredibly comfortable in the bed, it doesn’t mean they can’t get comfortable elsewhere. Remember, that their species was used to being outside and sleeping in all sorts of conditions. That means they might not see much of a difference between sleeping on the floor or on a comfy bed.  You might find that your cat only sleeps in the bed you bought for them only once in a while. This doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t like their bed. It more likely means they don’t think too much about where they’re going to sleep other than if it’s comfortable in the moment. They’re an incredibly instinct-driven species, so they often will sleep wherever they feel like at that moment.

Some Cat Bed Ideas

You've probably seen those cat posts showing felines in bunk beds, but that is not what we mean when we propose a bed for your kitty. We have some super cool beds available in our very own personalized pet marketplace.

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